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Universal Hydraulic Tilt Splitter

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In Reverse Circulation drilling, only 1/8th or 1/6th of the total cuttings is retained for analysis and the use of a Hydraulic Tilt splitter, has been a superior method for reducing the cuttings sample size, while still retaining the representative accuracy, when drilling in damp conditions.

Normally, when drilling in dry conditions or with large amounts of water present in the borehole, a Rotary Splitter (also called a spinning riffler or wet rotary splitter) can be used without any significant problems. Dry and low viscosity water saturated cuttings can easily pass through the discharge ports without clogging the splitter. The problems however arise when the ground is damp; the extracted cuttings are of a highly viscous nature and easily create a buildup of mud on the walls of the Rotary Splitter, clogging the discharge ports. In order to remove the obstruction, the entire operation has to be halted and the obstruction in the splitter cleared before proceeding, resulting in a considerable production slowdown.

The answer is the Universal Hydraulic Tilt Splitter, which is purposely designed to operate in ALL environmental and ground conditions.

The key advantage of the Universal Tilt Splitter is a lack of any confined internal spaces, where an obstruction can occur. The cuttings are discharged directly from the cyclone on to an open top feeding tray, eliminating any possibility of blockage.
The sampling is conducted by redirecting the flow of cuttings by "tilting" the feeding tray at specific intervals by a cam system. The cam system is timed to keep the separating tray in a one position, directing the flow of the cuttings in to one hopper and then tilting the tray briefly, redirecting the flow to another hopper, before returning to the original position. The cam system can be adjusted for 1/6th separation or 1/8th separation, as required.

Hydraulic Tilt Splitter Hydraulic Tilt Splitter


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