Drilling Supply Equipment offers a wide range of RC and Coring tools, drilling accessories, additives and lubricants.

Our wide variety of drilling tools include famous RC hammers and drill bits which provide outstanding performance along with outstanding reliability and simplicity.

Our reverse circulation hammers are suitable for any exploration and grade control process to obtain an accurate sample with no contamination.

Our range of high quality reverses circulation drill bits were specifically designed to work with our reverse circulation (RC) Hammers. Because of our drill bit sealing mechanism, sample contamination problems are not an issue.

Our revolutionary “Down-the-Hole” or DTH hammer is used for drilling holes through a wide range of rock types, the variety of which continues to extend well beyond the original conception of early blast hole drilling.

Down-the-Hole” refers to where the hammer action occurs when compared to drifter hammers, which hammer on top of the drill string. The DTH hammer piston always makes direct contact with the drill bit and there is generally no loss of transmitted energy as the hammer drills deeper, as is the case with drifter (top hammer) rigs.

Drilling Supply Equipment offers a wide range of DTH hammers suitable for a variety of drilling operations. Our Down the Hole hammers provide the most versatile and cost effective rock drilling method.

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