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Hydraulic Rotary Splitter

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In Reverse Circulation drilling, only 1/8th or 1/6th of the total cuttings is retained for analysis and the use of a RC rotary splitter, often called a spinning riffler or wet rotary splitter, has been a superior method for reducing the cuttings sample size, while still retaining the representative accuracy.

The Hydraulic Rotary Splitter is designed to separate the cascading flow of the cuttings into evenly distributed chambers located within a rotating turn-table type materials hopper. Within, a predetermined number of chambers discharge the cuttings into an extraction funnel to be collected for analysis, with the rest being discharged into a separate funnel to be discarded.

This type of hydraulic splitter minimizes influence of grain size, specific gravity and grain shape. Furthermore the split samples are representative and can be combined to yield larger sample sizes.



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