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  • After 30 years of close working relations with various drilling contractors in Reverse Circulation drilling sector, we can testify with utmost certainty, that our reverse circualtion drill pipes outclass similar products on the market in both value and quality. Nearly 100% of our sales are direct to drilling contractors, whom openly specify our reverse circulation dual tube drilling rods, because they last longer and drill deeper with the same air, offering the most value for the price.
    We make dual tube in these sizes:
    Length:  all common sizes, or as per customer specification
    OD:  3.25", 4", 4.25", 4.5", 5.5", 7", 9 5/8"

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  • Listed below are some of the unique improvements exclusive to the Drilling Supply Reverse Circulation Drill pipe:
    The reverse circulation drill rod has four threads which add machine time and material cost. The purpose of the two extra threads is to allow the inner tube to be replaced in the field. It also allows the driller to replace the box tool joint with a new tool joint, without welding and can be done at the site.

    We use heat threaded 4130 alloy tool joints; this alloy allows driller to employ a hardfacing program without fear of embitterment. We use a microalloy midsection (midbody), ST52V, 90KS1 MIL VLD possessing a superior abrasion resistance.
    Our inner tube midsection (midbody) is a heavy-wall mechanical tube, not a pipe. The inner tube is fixed and won't vibrate under most conditions. The inner tube ends are made from a heat treated alloy and the male end is machine finished after welding for perfect alignment.
    The o-ring retainers absorb the percussion forces to eliminate problems arising from the transfer of vibration and torque loads to the outer pipe.
    All this adds up to a considerably higher performance and longevity. The air or fluid is injected down between the pipes, returning up through the center of the inner tube, the samples are returned continuously and uncontaminated. Our clients have successfully operated this RC drilling rod design throughout North and South Americas, Africa and Asia, most for close to 5 seasons without any repairs, thus reducing expensive downtime costs and improving the overall rig performance.
    Our DS Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe is your winning modus operandi!

DS Reverse Circulation Heavy Duty Dual Tube Drill Pipe

Our Reverse Circulation Heavy Duty Dual Tube Drill Pipe



    Our Reverse Circulation pipe requires no connector tubes. The inner tube simply makes up and breaks out with the tool joints. With only one set of O-rings, chances of leaks are cut in half. Inner tubes are recessed inside the tool joints, protected from handling damage. Drillers report easier, faster, and safer pipe handling, particularly on angle holes.


    Reliability and long life are built into Drilling Supply Reverse Circulation Pipe by using the best materials available. High strength chrome/moly alloy, made to own dimensional and chemical specification, is used for both tool joints and midbodies. Midbodies are always made of cold drawn mechanical tubing which is stress relieved to ensure dimensional stability. Tool joints are heat treated for optimal strength and wear resistance. Inner tube ends are also heat treated and even chrome plated on the O-ring sealing surface.


    Threads are the most critical element in the drill string. They must resist all stresses of drilling, endure the wear and tear of make-up and break-out, and in the case of dual tube, must do this with a minimum wall thickness to maximize the areas for annular air flow and sample return. Drilling Supply threads incorporate unique design features to achieve superior performance. Torque capacity of a joint largely depends on its shoulder area. Drilling Supply maximizes this area by using an I.D. shoulder in addition to the usual O.D. shoulder. A stress-relief groove is machined into each pin, above the thread, so that instead of concentrated stresses at the "last engaged thread", the tensile  and torsional loads are spread safely over a large area. The controlled "shot blast" on the threads generates beneficial compressive stresses for increased surface hardness, galling resistance and lubricant retention.


    As an essential element of drill pipe design, welding must be planned and executed for reliability. At Drilling Supply, we have designed our products utilizing the best and most reliable welding process available. To ensure 100% penetration, welds on both outer and inner tube are made with the "state-of-the-art" computer controlled plasma arc cold wire-feed welding process (PAWCWF). This high-energy density process is similar to laser or electron beam welding in that it produces a "key hole" during welding. This technically superior "key hole" process generates visible 100% penetration while also providing high strength welds with minimal heat input.

  • Our RC dual pipe's unique design supports the inner tube on a wide, rugged shoulder inside the outer tube, which assures the inner tube is locked into its proper position and cannot rotate or come out. The inner tube is supported without the need for cutting and welding slots in the outer tube, eliminating a high potential source of air leaks. Drilling Supply also features a novel system to stabilize the inner tube using a high-strength, rubber-like material between the inner and outer tubes, effectively isolating the inner tube from the stress and vibrations of drilling.

  • DS RC pipes are supplied with metal thread protector on the "pin" end of the pipe, to prevent any thread damage during handling and operation.  The "box" end comes with a plastic protector installed.