Reverse Circulation Rods

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  1. Automated Rotary Wet Splitter RC

    Reverse Circulation Hydraulic Rotary Splitter with hydraulic drive

    • Rotary turn-table cone Reverse Circulation Hydraulic Rotary Splitter with hydraulic drive
    • Adjustable sampling ratio of the formation cuttings from 100/10 to 75/25
    • Mounted under a <strong>Reverse Circulation Cyclone</strong>
    • Splitter unit with hydraulic motor and slot covers
    • Adjustable support legs
    • (2) 50’ hydraulic hoses
    • (2) sets hydraulic couplers
    • (1) pilot operated pressure reducing valve
    • 24” round
    • 66” tall from the ground to the top of the motor
  2. Cyclone vacuum hose
    Cyclone vacuum hose 3"ID x 600psi
  3. Winter Heating System Package
    The winter package include a Thermo 50. This unit is assembled near engine and part of the coolant circuit. It is a small diesel burner (heater) that warm up engine by heating the engine coolant before starting (anywhere). Rather than plugging the engine (electrical heating), the burner is fed with diesel fuel directly from fuel tank. The engine is warmed up about 15-30 mins depending on outside temperature. This is a very useful option (see picture).
  4. Rod Handling Feeder
    Rod handling system: Rod Feeder
  5. Rod Handling System
    Rod handling system: Robot Arm Hiab model 026T
  6. Pipe Rack
  7. Reverse circulation sampling collector


    With wear plates on strategic spots, our Reverse Circualtion Cyclone life expectancy is much longer than other cyclones. Instead of welding and re-welding, you just need to change your used wear plates and replace them with new ones. Moreover, the Cyclone inside walls is covered with a new heavy-duty rubber coating for more durability. our Reverse Circualtion Cyclone resists even the newest high-capacity air compressors.

    Easy maintenance

    With a lid that can be opened easily by unlocking the clips, our Reverse Circualtion Cyclone is easy to clean between holes so you don't contaminate your samples. Changing the wear plates becomes an easy job.

    New & Efficient design

    Drilling Supply Reverse Circualtion Cyclone has many features: wear plates, easy opening top, rubber coating, a 30 cm diameter chimney for a better waste elimination, and many more. All these features have one goal: help you spend more time on drilling and less working on your cyclone.

    • Manual boom angle indicators and boom angle inclinometers are not affected by outdoor elements. These instruments are made tough and will not rust, freeze, or otherwise "hang up" like old fashioned pendulum style boom angle indicators. Like all of our instruments, each boom angle indicator is properly dampened for smooth reliable readings. Designed for easy mounting with two screws allows for quick and efficient retro-fitting in the field.

    • The Bit Basket is used to secure DTH or RC Drill Bits during the uncoupling of a bit from the hammer, for replacement or maintenance. During this operation, the drill string with the hammer assembly is raised above the break-out system and the Bit Basket is secured in the top break-out, held in place by the break-out jaws. The Bit is then lowered in to the Bit Basket and safely uncoupled from the hammer.

      Every basket is made to specific size of a bit it will accommodate, therefore a 4" bit basket will not be suitable a 5" bit. Furthermore, in order to accommodate various shapes of the bits, different bit guides are welded inside the bit basket to insure a snug fit.

      At customer's request, if the Bit type is known in advance, we can supply Bit Baskets with guides factory welded in place, or supply the guides separately, to allow the driller to weld the guides on site according to the Bit used.

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