Underground Coring Drill Rig

Underground Coring Drill Rig
High performance underground Core drill rig model Mini-Max 517-c on a track mobile.
This drilling rig is specially built for underground purposes. It could be dismantled at the surface and down to down to the mine through shaft lift with small dimension and then reassembly in place. Very easy and quick operation (less than 4 hours), everything is identified. As requested for underground conditions, the Rotary actuator allows and covers a lateral drilling area of 360°. Another advantages of MM517-c drill rig are its simplicity (fully hydraulic operations); pullback capacity of 25000 Lbs <> 111.2 KN and hydraulic power of 100 HP.

These features give a small but tough MM517-c drilling rig enough power to drill in any type of mixed hard formations. Please note that below specifications can be adapted to your needs on request (for example, same unit could be also be skid mounted).

Working temperatures: All our standard equipments are meant to operate CONSTANTLY at the temperatures various between - 45 to + 50 degrees Celsius (113 F to 122 F).

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Very easy and quick operation (less than 4 hours)
Rotary actuator covers a lateral drilling area of 360°.
Fully hydraulic operations.
Enough power to drill in any type of mixed hard formations.

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Hole Depth Capacity*

NQ type – 500 m (1640 ft)
HQ type – 375 m (1227 ft)
*Always subject to ground formation and deviation. Please contact us For deeper hole possibility.

Electric Power Unit

Insulated Electric Motor «General electric or Westinghouse or Toshiba»
Insulated starter, plug connection, transformer
Insulated and locked high voltage cabinet switch gear
Power: 100 kW
Rpm: 1500 rpm
Voltage: 575 volts / 3 phase / 60 cycle (Ref.: Local specs)
Integrated control safety panel
Ground fault protection safety circuit 110VAC and above
Westinghouse proven safety system

Hydraulic power unit & components: «Rexroth/Sauer/Danfoss»

Pump drive: Two (2) variable displacement piston pumps, load sensing, pressure compensated, and one (1) gear pump dedicated for accessories.
Top drive: automatic constant rotation power control
Hydraulic tank capacity 227 L. <> 60 gall.
Hydraulic oil cooler
Filtration system ( 5 micron )
Integrated safety system
Body valves assembly for complete controls (Tram, positioning and drilling)
Automatic lubricator for the down the hole hammer
Parker « seal lock » hose and fittings
Integrated safety system, over heat, low levels etc.
Integrated extra hydraulic power supply «hp» (Conditional to options choice)

Working temperatures

Constant operation at the temperatures various between - 45 to + 50 degrees Celsius (- 49 F to 122 F).


Tracks mounted steel shoes
Track length: 2.50 m <> 8'-00"
Track shoes width: 355 mm <> 14"
Pressure applied brake system
Heavy duty link profile
- Gradability 19° <> 35%
Ground clearance 228 mm <> 9"
Travel speed 4.4 km <> 2.6mph
Panel control standard
Boom Positioning:
- Tilt: 5° below, 15° above the horizontal
- Boom: extension 0.91 m <> 3'-0"
- Dump: 0 to 100° from the horizontal
- Oscillation: rotary actuator (Left 180° / Right 180°)

Weight and Dimension

Weight - approx. 5670 kg <> 12500 lbs
Length - 3.07m <> 10'-1"
Width - 1.25 m <> 4'-1''
Height - 1.98 m <> 6'-6''

Drill Mast and Feed assembly

Dump ( 0 to 100° from the horizontal)
Heavy duty mast structure length 3.00 m <> 10'
(Mast length could be modified to the space restriction availability)
Drill mast Head travel length «Stroke» of 2.13 m <> 7'-00"
Feed system hoisting and pull-down power is provided by a hydraulic cylinder for accurate trust control.
Pull back force 25000 Lbs <> 111.20 KN
Pull down force 25000 Lbs <> 111.20 KN
Top drive mounting plate is equipped with urethane anti-wear slides
Standard drilling table and manual break out
Standard hydraulic wrench
Standard manual centralizer

Drilling package: Coring

Rotary head: model XBH (Funk speed transmission)
- 1st gear: max torque 4561 lbs-ft (6184 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-196 rpm
- 2nd gear: max torque 2181 lbs-ft (2957 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-410 rpm
- 3rd gear: max torque 1183 lbs-ft (1604 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-756 rpm
- 4th gear: max torque 688 lbs-ft (933 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-1300 rpm
Coring chuck; model 12HH
Swivel break-out & clamp jaws for BQ-NQ-HQ-PQ (Swing torque 99.8 kN<>22436 lbf) (one set size included only)
Rod hold clamps Jaws for BQ-NQ-HQ-PQ (Clamps hold force 260.4 kN <> 58560 lbf) (one set size included only)
Water swivel: JSS45
Wire line hoist
- Line pull bar drum 907kg <> 2000 lbf
- Line pull full drum 295 kg <> 650 lbf
- Line speed bare drum 100 m/min <>328 ft/min
- Cable 8.22 mm <> 3/16 "
- Capacity 1400 m <> 4593 ft
Automatic wire winding device
Water pump model FMC W11
- Triple piston pump
- Volume: 136 L/min (36 gals/min)
- Pressure: 68 bar <> 1000 psig
- Revolution: 900 rpm

Control Panel

Fully hydraulic control panel

Overseas packaging

40 ft container

Inland shipment

  • Underground Coring Drill Rig
  • Underground Coring Drill Rig
  • Underground Coring Drill Rig
  • Underground Coring Drill Rig
  • Underground Coring Drill Rig

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