Coring Drill Rig Core-Master

Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
Coring Drill Rig Core-Master model 542S Eldorado has been having good reputation for its simplicity, efficiency, maneuverability, productivity and in particular on fuel consumption.
During the conception our Engineering department have also focused to locate the component to insure an easy maintenance and service repair.

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Width: 2.24m, design to accept container size sea transport
Possibility to fix diesel or electric power unit.
Head with constant rpm power control.
Operation station with rpm head reading.
Mast extendable/Hold back system/Un-coupling thread saving system/Head opening/Head screen protection.
Rotary head, hydraulically side shift opening head.
Chuck clamping nitrogen gas spring kit system 63000lbs, compulsory on very deep drilling.

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Carrier : Tracks mounted
Drilling techniques : Diamond Core Drilling
Drilling applications : Coring drilling exploration.

Weight and Dimensions

Length: 10.97m <> 36.0ft (Mast closed)
Width: 2.24m <> 7.4ft
Height: 3.20m <> 10.5ft
Weight: approx. 20.865kg <> 46.000lbs

Undercarriage & Chassis

Tracks mounted steel shoes
Track length: 3.48m <> 137’’
Track shoes width: 500mm <> 19.7”
Pressure applied brake system
Heavy duty link profile
Gradability 19° <> 35%
Ground clearance 380mm <> 15”
Travel speed 4.4km <> 2.6mph
(4) Heavy duty hydraulic out-riggers (2 front & 2 rear)
Anti-slippery aluminum walk-way
Pipe rack: Not on board

Power Unit

Cummins electronic diesel engine model QSL9L/ 6cyl. (24 volts) turbocharged water cooled
Power: 240kw <> 325hp @ 1800rpm
Operation fuel consumption 14.07L/hr <> 3.7gal/hr
Fuel tank: 378L <> 100galls
Filtering system two stage (Primary @ security)
Emission certification: U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage III
Cummins filtering low grade fuel
Integrated control safety panel, 24 volts

Electric Power Unit

Electric motor 200kw <> 302 @ 1750rpm
Insulated starter, plug connection, transformer
Insulated and locked high voltage cabinet switch gear
Voltage based on local system availability
Integrated control safety panel
Ground fault protection

Hydraulic power unit & components

Pump drive: Four (4) variable displacement piston pumps.(1) hydrostatic, (2) load sensing, pressure compensated, and one (1) gear pump dedicated for accessories.
Rotary head: automatic constant rotation control
Rotary head: rpm reading
Hydraulic oil cooler
Filtration system (10 micron)
Integrated safety system, over heat, low levels etc.
Body valves assembly for complete controls (Tram, positioning and drilling)
Hoses and fitting connection « seal lock »
Integrated safety system, over heat, low levels etc.
Outlet hydraulic power connection; ONE connection double-way 10hp (Service), ONE connection single 10hp (Mud mixers)

Mast & Feed Assembly

Dump (10° to 95° from the horizontal)
Heavy duty mast structure designed for drill pipe (9.00m <> 30ft)
Feed system hoisting and pull-down power by hydraulic cylinder for accurate thrust control
Hold back system
Drill Head travel length «Stroke» of 3.50m <> 11.5ft
Pull back force 222KN <> 50,000lbs
Pull down force 111.2KN <> 25,000lbs
Strip-out rod pull (9m <> 30ft)
Drilling angle 45° - 90°
Dump extension 1.52m <> 5ft
Mast extension 2.13m <> 7ft
Un-coupling thread saving system
Rotary head mounting plate is equipped with urethane anti-wear slides
Rotary head side opening hydraulically
Rotary head safety protection screen

Remote control panel “Electric”

Hydraulic operation standard
Wire remote operation

Draw works

Mail line hoist winch
Line pull: 187kN <> 42,000lbf
Speed: approx. 40m/min <> 131ft/min.
Wire 22 mm <> 7/8in.
Wire line hoist:
Line pull bare drum 8.9kN <> 2000lbf
Line speed bare drum 120 m/min <>492ft/min
Cable 6.4 mm <> ¼ “
Capacity 2500m <> 8202ft
Auto wire winding mechanical device

Coring Head

Rotary head “PQ” Funk speed transmission (Max. torque)
1st gear; 6.63:1 ratio: 8482Nm <> 6256lbf-ft @ 196rpm
2nd gear; 3.17:1 ratio: 4055Nm <> 2991lbf-ft @ 410rpm
3rd gear, 1.72:1 ratio: 2200Nm <> 1623lbf-ft @ 756rpm
4th gear, 1:1 ratio: 1280Nm <> 944lbf-ft @ 1300rpm
Chuck “Nitrogen gas spring” CK42-NGS 28023daN <> 63,000lbf (Model CM542S)
Break-out chuck & guide rod CK42-NGS (Model CM542S)
Water swivel 4448daN (10000lbs)

Water Injection Pump

Model American L1122
Triple piston pump
Volume: 136 L/min <> 36 gal/min
Pressure: 69 bar <> 1000 psig
Revolution speed: 630 rpm

Hole Depth Capacity**

NQ: 2500m<>8202ft
HQ: 1700m<>5577ft
PQ: 1100m<>3609ft

Optional Equipment

Main line hoist
Wire line hoist c/w auto-winding device & wire
Automatic winding device for wire line hoist
Anti-slip walk-way railing access Aluminum
Winter package
Operator remote emergency safety stop
Crawler mounted
Wheel truck sub frame mounted
Tandem axle trailer mounted


Overseas packaging: 40 ft container
Inland shipment: Flatbed
* Some of the features are optional
** Subject to ground conditions, compressor or water / mud pump capabilities, type and a quality of drilling equipments used and driller skills
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master
  • Coring Drill Rig Core-Master

Additional Information

  • Core Drilling

  • Wire Line Hoist

  • Rod Changing