The Blowback System is instrumental for productivity increase.

Throughout the drilling operations, airflow from the compressor travels through the swivel inlet between the outer and inner tubes and is blown into the RC hammer activating the percussion cycle.

At the end of the percussion cycle, the cuttings (samples and dust generated by the drill bit action) are picked up by that same airflow and are forced to pass from the bit face, through the inner tube, to the surface where they are collected by the RC Cyclone.

Quite often the RC hammer gets jammed with debris and is stuck down in the hole, forcing the driller to withdraw the entire drilling string to manually remove the debris. This results in extensive delays and a reduced production rate.

The Blowback System eliminates this problem. The system contains several 3-way valves and a STD valve to reverse the flow on the line.

When the RC hammer is jammed, the driller activates the Blowback System and the valve connected to the air swivel diverts the airflow from the compressor directly into the inner rod (inline) removing the obstructions, while another valve closes the "cyclone line" and stops the airflow to the RC Cyclone.

Hence, when the hammer is jammed, the operator just needs to slightly raise the drilling string and activate the Blowback system to clean out the obstructions and continue drilling.

According to numerous testimonials by our customers, Blowback System has enormously increased their production rates by eliminating the need to completely withdraw the drill string, which could be hundreds of feet long, to clear jam.