Blast Hole Drill Rig Rockmaster RM615A

Blast Hole Drill Rig Rockmaster RM615A
The newest addition to our Rockmaster series is the RM615A, a brand new second generation blast hole drilling rig. Our Rockmaster series, which is already known for its good reputation, excellent maneuverability and overall reliability, only get's better with the addition of this drill rig.
We are confident that the RM615A going to provide a better drilling experience because of it's improved performance and maneuverability. Some of the new improvements made for our second generation Rockmaster drill rig include:

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Better efficiency: Allows a very low fuel consumption.
Better ground clearance: Lower of 14” but we kept the ground clearance of 17”.
Better rear clearance: The hose reel and the winch is partially inside the canopy for more rear clearance.
More traction: the ground effort is improved of 50%.
Bigger pull back force: 21000 lbs.
Stronger and practical carrousel: much stronger and the pipe length is now std for 5m /16’-4” instead of 15’.
Improved rotary head: in fact we go with RH900 of EURODRILL because is simply the best.

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Carrier : Tracks mounted
Drilling techniques : Blast Hole
Drilling applications : Blasting, construction

Weight and Dimensions

Lenght:........ 9.70m<>31’-10”
Width:............ 2.59m<> 8’- 6”
Height:...........3.21m<>10’- 6”
Approx. weight:......17,463 kg<>38,500 lbs

Mobile-Undercarriage High-Trac

Tracks mounted steel shoes
Track length: 4.10 m <> 13.48’
Triple grouser shoes width: 381 mm <> 15”
Ground clearance: 431 mm <> 17”
Independent tracks oscillation (±10°)
Travel speed: 3.2 km/h <> 2.0 mph

Power Unit

Model: Cummins
Power: 160 hp @ 2000 rpm
Operational fuel consumption: 7.2 L/h <> 1.9 gal/h
Fuel tank 151 L <> 40 galls
Filtering system two stage (Primary @ security)

Hydraulic power unit & components

Pump drive: Two (2) variable displacement piston pumps, load sensing, pressure compensated, and one (1) piston pump dedicated for dust collector.
Hydraulic tank capacity 207 L. <> 80 gall.
Filtration system (5 micron)
Body valves assembly for complete controls (Tram, positioning and drilling)
Fittings and adapter type «OSFS & ORB»
Hydraulic hoses standard heavy duty
Air system supply «Dual mode 500psi & 350psi»
Integrated safety system (Over heat, low level etc…)

Boom positioning

Extension 24” <> 0.61 m
Boom swing (15° LHS) (30° RHS)
Tilt inclination: ±15° below, ±45° above the horizontal
Dump ±45° under, ±75° above from the vertical
Left/Right (-30°/+45° pin #1) (+45°/-5° pin #2)
Equipped with integrated safety locks

Mast & Feed Assembly

Mast structure HD designed
Feed system hoisting and pull down power is provided by linkchain that use a hydraulic powered gear box controlled hydraulically for accurate trus
Pull down force: 21,000 lbs <> 93.4 KN
Pull back capacity: 21,000 lbs <> 93.4 KN
Jib winch capacity 1200 lbs <> 544 kg

Drill Head

Rotary drive head: Euro-drill RH900
Torque capacity motor 95 5015lbf-ft <> 6800Nm
Rotation speed: 0 – 100rpm
Torque capacity type motor 98: 8113lbf-ft <> 11000Nm
Rotation speed: 0 – 86rpm
Swivel passage 50.8 mm <> 2”

Drilling table: Break-out

Swivel break-out retractable jaws Swing torque 22436 lb
Clamps retractable jaws Clamps hold force 58560 lb
Max. opening 222 mm <> 8¾''

Carrousel – Standard

Carousel (6) rods (3½’’ dia. x 16’-4”’ long <> 89mm x 5m)
Stars "set" from 3" or 4" dia. rods
Operation All function are hydraulically operated
Pipe loading Gate for loading pipe in horizontal position

Water Injection Pump

Model FMC L04
Double piston pump, Complete filtering system
Volume; 34 L/min <> 9 gal/min
Pressure: 38 bar <> 550 psig
Revolution speed: 500 rpm
Water tank «Stainless steel»: 1136 L/h <> 300 gall/h

Optional Equipment

Rear stabilizer
High pressure filter to pump
Angle & Dept indicator
Winter heating package (Engine/Comp .receiver/Hyd & Water tank/Battery)
Air grease gun
Drill pipe size conversion kit
Hydraulic winch 45000lbs <>20412 kg
Dust collector HLM900 for 6½” hole
Dust collector HXL900 for 8½” hole


Overseas packaging: 40 ft container
Inland shipment: Flatbed
* Some of the features are optional
** Subject to ground conditions, compressor or water / mud pump capabilities, type and a quality of drilling equipments used and driller skills
  • Blast Hole Drill Rig Rock-Master
  • Blast Hole Drill Rig Rock-Master
  • Blast Hole Drill Rig Rock-Master
  • Blast Hole Drill Rig Rock-Master
  • Blast Hole Drill Rig Rock-Master
  • Blast Hole Drill Rig Rock-Master
  • Blast Hole Drill Rig Rock-Master