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Reverse Circulation drill Rigs

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs use a dual tube rod system, which allows for a cost effective retrieval of the cuttings from the face of the borehead to the surface by transporting them through the inner tube, thus eliminating the need for sample retrieval by tripping out or by the use of a wire line core barrel system.

Reverse Circulation drilling method gives a possibility to obtain mineral samples in the early phases of a drilling project due to the high speed and low cost.

Although, Reverse Circulation drilling samples provide slightly less information regarding the formation, this shortage is largely offset by significantly reduced cost of drilling and rapid penetration rates.

Drilling Supply Equipment offers the best choice of quality reverse circulation drill rigs on wheels or on platform to satisfy any of your drilling needs.

Drilling platform
Genius Drilling platform DP648-RC

Drilling Rig
Explo-Trac ET642-RC

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