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Having a reliable mud mixer in the field is an integral part of the drilling process, because drilling additives require a homogenous slurry mix to make the most of their lubricating and/or stabilizing properties. Drilling Supply offers a robust, reliable and durable slurry/mud mixer DS-M30.  It can be powered directly from the drill rig's hydraulic system and is tough enough to operate in any drilling environment.

Hydraulic mud mixer

DS-M30 Mud mixer Series Specifications

Description Hydraulic Mud Mixer
Flow Range To 15 GPM (56.7 LTR)
Displacements To .700 C.I.R.(11.47 CC's/REV.)
Maximum Pressure to

1500 PSI (104 BAR)

Maximum Speed to 5000 RPM
Rotation Bi-Directional
Bearings Roller
Construction Metal


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