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Left Hand and Right Hand Angle Indicators

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DS80-12V: Backlight 12 volts DC boom angle indicator
DS80-12V: Backlight 12 volts DC boom angle indicator
Manual boom angle indicators and boom angle inclinometers are not affected by outdoor elements. These instruments are made tough and will not rust, freeze, or otherwise "hang up" like old fashioned pendulum style boom angle indicators. Like all of our instruments, each boom angle indicator is properly dampened for smooth reliable readings. Designed for easy mounting with two screws allows for quick and efficient retro-fitting in the field.
The DS80 model is recommended for use on any boom where accurate inclination measurements must be taken under difficult conditions and harsh environments. DS80 - boom angle indicator
DS80 - boom angle indicator

14"w X 6 3/8"h X 1 3/4"d
Degree Range
-30° through +90°
Degree Markings
5° black markings on white background
Case Materials
100% white Polycarbonate 

Tube Construction
Clear Polycarbonate with black ball on white background

  • Mounitng Position - Left hand side of boom 
  • DS80-12V model
    Backlit for high visibility in low light or night operation
  • Weatherproof
  • Operational Temperature:  -50° F to +180° F
  •  Rugged Polycarbonate Construction
  • Easily installed


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