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Bit Basket

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Bit Basket

The Bit Basket is used to secure DTH or RC Drill Bits during the uncoupling of a bit from the hammer, for replacement or maintenance. During this operation, the drill string with the hammer assembly is raised above the break-out system and the Bit Basket is secured in the top break-out, held in place by the break-out jaws. The Bit is then lowered in to the Bit Basket and safely uncoupled from the hammer.

Every basket is made to specific size of a bit it will accommodate, therefore a 4" bit basket will not be suitable a 5" bit. Furthermore, in order to accommodate various shapes of the bits, different bit guides are welded inside the bit basket to insure a snug fit.

At customer's request, if the Bit type is known in advance, we can supply Bit Baskets with guides factory welded in place, or supply the guides separately, to allow the driller to weld the guides on site according to the Bit used.

Bit Basket


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