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Additional Information on Specific Products

Diamond Core Rigs

Surface Diamond Core:

DP648-C Platform on truck chassis
ET642-C Track mounted
DS6100 C Track mounted
DS6100 PT Truck mounted
DS8000 Shack mounted

Underground Diamond Core:

MINE MASTER Underground Core Rig
Reverse Circulation Rigs
DP 648 RC Platform on truck chassis
ET 642 RC Track mounted
Multi-Purpose RC/ Coring Rigs
DP 648 RC/C Platform on truck chassis
ET 642 RC/C Track mounted
Blasting Rigs
Rock Master RM615-A
Rock Master B10-A
Rock Master B12-A
Geothermal Rigs
Double Head GEO-Platform
Single Head GEO-Platform
Double Head GEO-TRAC Geothermal / Water well Rig
Double Head GEO-MAX Geothermal / Water well Rig
Drilling Accessories : Tools :
RC Cyclone
Gear Type Rotation Head
Diverter System
Hydraulic Wet Rotary Splitter
Universal Hydraulic Tilt Splitter
Blow Back System
Hydraulic Hoses
Hydraulic Mud Mixer
Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
Mud Tank
Mud Mixer Spare Parts
Bit Basket
Bit Sharpening System
Automatic lubricator
Whip Checks
Thread locking compound Bakerlok®
Handled Oiler
Rigging Hardware
Fishing Tools
Compressor air hoses
Reverse Circulation Tools
Reverse Circulation Pipe
Reverse Circulation Hammer and Bits
Blast Hole Drill Pipe
Drill Pipe for Geothermal Well Drilling
DTH Tools and adapters
DTH Hammers and Bits
Trycone and PDC bits

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Reverse Circulation
Diamond Core
Down-the-Hole Hammer
Simultaneous Casing DTH
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