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membership approval by EDC

Drilling Supply is proud to announce our membership approval by EDC – Export Development Canada, due to our outstanding business practices and excellent credit rating.

drillingsupply.infoEDC – Export Development Canada

Customer Benefits

Drilling Supply is now able to offer its customers up to 90 days payment terms for 5% to 10% of the total contract value, for up to $125,000 for international and up to $50,000 for domestic clients.

The payment terms are established on case-by-case basis and are subject to approval by EDC, based on the client’s credit standing, the type of goods purchased and buyer’s country international trade rating. And whether you are an emerging company or a well-established concern, with over 200 countries on  the EDC’s rated list, DRILLING SUPPLY will work with you to find the payment terms that best fits your company’s needs.

About EDC

EDC is a Crown corporation that reports to Parliament through the Minister of International Trade.  The corporation operates on commercial principles, and works in partnership with other government agencies and the private sector to increase the competitiveness and success of Canadian companies abroad.

EDC’s strength in financial services, innovative insurance and bonding products, international networks, and its in-depth analysis of global economic conditions, helps the corporation tailor solutions to the needs of Canadian exporters and investors.

EDC’s mandate

EDC’s mandate is to grow and develop Canada’s trade, and the capacity of Canadian companies to participate in and respond to international business opportunities.  EDC provides trade finance and risk mitigation services to Canadian companies to help them compete internationally.

For more information on Export Development Canada, please visit EDC website