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Diamond Core Drill Rigs Explo-Trac ET642c and Explo-Wheel EWT642c

High performance Diamond Core exploration drill rigs models ET642-C and EWT642-C.

High performance Diamond Core exploration drill rigs models ET642-C and EWT642-C

The main advantages of ET/EWT series drilling rigs are its extreme maneuverability; pullback capacity of 48000 lbs (21 770 kg); hydraulic power of 160 HP; rotary drives with variable/reversible hydraulic motor and automatic constant rotation power control; and a unique pipe handling system. These features enable our surface diamond core drill rigs to easily access almost any type of difficult terrain, and give it enough power to drill in any type of mixed hard formations. The drilling angle is 0-100 degree from horizontal, which is suitable according to your drilling requirements.

The self-propelled ET642 exploration drill rig features a flat track (steel or rubber) Caterpillar system, while the self-propelled EWT642 drilling rig features a multidirectional AWD Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive system, providing great maneuverability in restricted areas. The EWT642’s AWD 4 wheel drive axles are extremely powerful, and can easily overcome crimps and climb slopes up to 35% with the same stability as the track chain.

Our equipment has been having good reputation for its simplicity, efficiency, maneuverability, productivity and in particular on fuel consumption.

Please note that below specifications can be adapted to your needs on request, for example, the must structure designed and can be build for drill pipe of 3 m (10’) or 6 m (20’).

ET/EWT series drill rigs are designed with the end user in mind. You will be able to benefit from its unique features optimized for high performance, efficiency and reliability in any operational environment.

Working temperatures: All our standard equipments are meant to operate CONSTANTLY at any temperature varying between - 45 to + 50 degrees Celsius (-49 F to 122F).

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Specifications and Features of the Explo-Trac ET642-Coring

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[-] Carrier

Caterpillar Tracks
Hydrostatic AWD mobile 4 wheel drive system

[-] Drilling techniques

Diamond Core;

[-] Hole Depth Capacity*

BQ type – 1145 m (3750 ft)
NQ type – 750 m (2461 ft)
HQ type – 600 m (1969 ft)
*Depth shown with BL chuck installed. With an adapter (installed directly from quill rod) in place of the chuck the core drilling depth can be increased up to 1500m (4920 ft) with HQ and up to 1000m (3280 ft) with HQ. Always subject to ground formation and deviation. Please contact us For deeper hole possibility.

[-] Power Unit

Cummins electronic diesel engine model QSB4.5-4cyl.
Turbocharged water cooled
160 hp – 119 kw @ 2000rpm
11.2 L/hr <> 2.96gal/hr (Operation fuel consumption 6.8 L/hr <> 1.79gal/hr)
Filtering system two stage (Primary @ security)
Emission certification: U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage III
Integrated control safety panel, 24 volts

[-] Fuel tank

227 L <> 60 galls

[-] Hydraulic System

Sauer/Danfoss power unit & components
Pump drive: Two (2) variable displacement piston pumps, load sensing, pressure compensated, and one (1) gear pump dedicated for accessories.
Top drive: automatic constant rotation  power control
Hydraulic tank capacity 227 L. <> 60 gall.
Hydraulic oil cooler
Filtration system (5 micron)
Body valves assembly for complete controls (Tram, positioning and drilling)
Fittings and adapter type <<OSFS & ORB>>
Hydraulic hoses type << M3K mega though &-PolarFlex >>
Automatic lubricator (oiler) for the down the hole hammer
Parker « seal lock » hose and fittings
Integrated safety system, over heat, low levels etc.
Integrated extra hydraulic power supply «hp»

[-] Working temperatures

Constant operation at the temperatures various between - 45 to + 50 degrees Celsius (- 49 F to 122 F).

[-] Undercarriage & Chassis

Tracks mounted steel shoes (Caterpillar)
- Tracks mounted steel shoes
- Track length: 3.48 m <> 137’’
- Track shoes width: 500 mm <> 19.7”
- Pressure applied brake system
- Heavy duty link profile
- Gradability 19° <> 35%
- Ground clearance 380 mm <> 15”
- Travel speed 4.4 km <> 2.6mph
- (4) Heavy duty hydraulic out-riggers (2 front & 2 rear)
- Pipe rack: Removable
Hydrostatic «AWD» & chassis (Independent front & rear steering) mobile
- Two (2) complete axle, and transfer case
- Integrated brake system & parking brake
- Effort ground traction 14500 kg <> 32000 lbs
- Gradability: 19° <> 35%
- Travel speed: High 0 - 8 km <> 0 - 4.9 mph
- Heavy duty rock type tires of 117 cm <> 46”
- Orbitrol steering system
- Heavy duty hydraulic out riggers (2 in front & 2 rear)
- Pipe rack: quick attachment «Removable»
*Cap. 24 rods x 3m <> 10’ x 104 mm <> 4”

[-] Weight and Dimension

Weight - approx. 12 520 kg <> 27 600 lbs (W/out pipe rack)
Mast (feed boom) length - 10.31m <> 35’ -8’’
Width - 2.26 m <> 7’-4’’
Height - 2.90 m <> 9’-6’’

[-] Drill Mast

Drill Head travel length «Stroke»: 23 ft (7 m)
Mast movement "upwards-downwards" by means of a hydraulic cylinder, for fixing of a boring table on the ground for angled drilling
Heavy duty mast structure designed for drill pipe Core: 3.00 m <> 10’; drill pipe RC: up to
6.00 m <> 20’
Feed system hoisting and pull-down power is provided by double link- chain that use (2) powerful hydraulic gear box controlled hydraulically for accurate trust
Pull back: 42,000 lb (19,050 tons )
Top drive mounting plate is equipped with urethane anti-wear slides
Hydraulic drilling table w/hydraulic break out
Swing-extension Jib hydraulic winch
   * Installed on top of mast
   * Secure way to handle drilling rod
   * Hoisting - Hydraulic
   * Rotation Left / Right (110°) – Hydraulic
   * Telescopic extension 1.22 m <> – Hydraulic
   * Hoisting Capacity 544 kg <> 1200 lbs

[-] Drilling Angle

0 to 100°  from the horizontal

[-] Drill pipe length

10 ft (3 m) or 6 m (20')

[-] Pipe rack

Not On board

[-] Drilling package: Coring

Rotary head: model XBH (Funk speed transmission):
   * 1st gear: max torque 4561 lbs-ft (6184 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-196 rpm
   * 2nd gear: max torque 2181 lbs-ft (2957 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-410 rpm
   * 3rd gear: max torque 1183 lbs-ft (1604 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-756 rpm
   * 4th gear: max torque 688 lbs-ft (933 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-1300 rpm
Chuck; model 12HH
Swivel break-out & clamp jaws for BQ-NQ-HQ-PQ (one set size included only)
Rod hold clamps: Jaws set for (BQ-NQ-HQ-PQ one size included only)
Water swivel: JSS45
Wire line hoist:
   * Line pull bar drum 907 kg <> 2000 lbf
   * Line pull full drum 295 kg <> 650 lbf
   * Line speed bare drum 100 m/min <>328 ft/min.
   * Cable 8.22 mm <> 3/16 “
   * Capacity 1400 m <> 4593 ft
Automatic wire winding device
Water injection pump model FMC W11

[-] Rod handling system

Rod Feeder
Rod feeder to load and unload drill rod is mounted on the side
of the mast for handy operation and better production
All functions are hydraulic and controlled from remote panel
Robot Arm Hiab model 026T
Capacity of 430 kg <> 947 lbs
Reach 5.48 m <>10’-00”
360º Rotation
Can manipulate pipes on the ground or in the pipe rack up to 114 mm Ø ( 4½ ‘’)
Wireless remote Control

[-] Control panel

Remote control, ergonomic design for complete operations
Fully electric
Heated remote control with aluminum corpus

[-] Other

Rod handling feeder
Robot arm (Hiab026T)
Automatic winter heating system
Hydraulic hose extreme cold -45°c (M3K mega though & Polar-Flex)
Pipe rack
Water tanks “Aluminum” 454 L.<>120 gall
1 ½ Discharge Air Pressure
Hydraulic Hook Up
Working lights

[-] Overseas packaging

40 ft container

[-]Inland shipment


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