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Drilling Supply equipment

World recognized Canadian expertise in exploration, RC and geothermal drilling rigs, tools and supplies

Welcome to the Drilling Supply Equipment website, supplier of drilling rigs for mineral exploration (RC drilling and coring), water well and geothermal drilling, foundations and other construction or mining applications.

We offer a complete line of brand new track or wheel mounted self-propelled Reverse Circulation drilling rigs and skid or platform mounted core drill rigs as well as drilling tools and supplies for:

Drilling Supply Equipment is dedicated to offer the drilling industry an alternative to traditional products. From the conception to the after-sale service, from the RC rig to the Rockmaster blast hole rig, we understand that every customer has the right to get the latest technology at an affordable price.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Drilling Supply has distributed hydraulic drill rigs and drilling supplies for more than 17 years with more than 290 drilling rigs sold. At first specialized in dimensional stone drill rigs, Drilling Supply has since developed new and innovative drilling rigs for Exploration drilling (Reverse Circulation and Diamond Core), the EXPLO-TRAC series drilling rigs. As for Geothermal Down-the-Hole drilling, Drilling Supply is proud to present our geothermal series drill rigs.

Completely hydraulic and technologically advanced, you can find Drilling Supply drills all over the world. Our satisfied customers get fast and accurate samples with our drilling rigs in: Canada, United States, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Mongolia, Cyprus and Philippines.

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Drilling Supply always raises performance to a higher level. It's mineral exploration and geothermal drill rigs feature sturdy components to combine productivity and durability. The rugged and unique design offers superior resistance and maximum flexibility for maintenance.

On it's way to be certified ISO-9001, Drilling Supply is also dedicated to quality; manufacturing quality equipment is the foundation of our company. All our new drill rigs for sale are designed in 3-D with powerful software.

Also, we do FEA tests with many different scenarios for all the critical parts. When you invest in one of our drills you team up with a professional organization with high quality standards. In fact, we will send one of our qualified technicians on the field for a one-week start up with each drill rig you will invest in.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to provide you additional information on our range of Exploration, Geothermal and Blast hole drilling rigs upon request.

Ask for a quotation today and see why drillers around the world trust us.